New Phenomena Working Group

Sunday, July 13, 1:00 am - 3:00 pm

1:00-1:30Studies of Correlated Brehmstrahlung pdf  David Strom, U. Oregon
1:30-2:00Implementing Universal Extra Dimensions in COMPHEP pdf  Konstantin Matchev, U. Florida
2:00-2:30Identifying Universal Extra DimensionsMarco Battaglia, CERN
2:30-3:00Kaluza Klein/Z' Differentation at the LHC and LC pdf  Tom Rizzo, SLAC

Tuesday, July 15, 10:55-12:55 pm

10:55-11:25Signatures for Brane Kinetic Terms at the LC pdf  Tom Rizzo, SLAC
11:25-11:55Precision Electroweak Constraints on RS Unified Models pdf  Tim Tait, Fermilab
11:55-12:25Phenomenology of the Little Higgs ModelLian Tao Wang, U. Wisconsin

Session convenors: JoAnne Hewett, David Strom & Slawek Tkaczyk - email